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Mark Hirsch

Mark Hirsch, author of That Tree

About That Tree

Book description:
10 x 10 inches
192 pages, hardcover.
1st edition.


Trees resonate deeply in the souls of millions of people.

A lonely bur oak in the middle of a Wisconsin cornfield spoke to Mark Hirsch. That Tree spoke of hidden beauty and hope. It spoke of patience and dedication. It spoke of personally healing Hirsch didn't yet know he needed.

In 2007, completely out of the blue, Hirsch who was a photojournalist by trade, was let go from his position as Visuals Editor at a newspaper in Iowa. He felt like he'd been hit by a truck. Then, in 2011, while on assignment in North Dakota, Hirsch was literally hit by a truck, a cement truck. He could have been killed. Following the accident he had memory issues, difficulty sleeping, and he had become short with the family he loves.

Then one snowy January day Hirsch finally noticed That Tree. He had driven past That Tree every day for 19 years without ever really noticing her. He never took a single picture of her before, but that would soon change.

Using only his iPhone, for an entire year Hirsch would quietly coax her stories and share her wisdom with an inspired and passionate Facebook following, which numbers nearly 39,000.

Hirsch's inspiring story of finding the hidden beauty in your own backyard and of personal healing has been featured by countless major media organizations including CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, NBC News, Le Monde, The Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, Huffington Post, NPR, MidWest Living magazine, The Sierra Club, and many, many others.